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Wonderland Scatter

I feel like I’m Alice, miles down the rabbit hole, chasing my own shadow and asking it to join me for tea.

Is it pitiful if it makes me feel mocked; if I throw a tantrum because it won’t talk back to me?

Did I slip and fall into a deep sleep one day and forget how to wake myself up?

The tag on this bottle says ‘drink me’ but isn’t it rude to not drink from a cup?

I’ve always wanted to meet the Mad Hatter but the only mad one here is me.

And not just mad, but angry! Because it seems I’m normal as far as anyone else can see.

Clearly, I’m looney. Surely someone will soon come to lock me away.

I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast; doesn’t just that warrant an extended asylum stay?

The dormouse sounds just like my mother, but that’s hardly a coincidence, right?

Listen to me! I hear voices! That would give a sane person a fright!

I can’t tell which way is up, and where is forward? Is it in reverse?

Someone, please heed my desperate warnings; I fear it will only get worse!

Who on earth painted my roses? When I find out, it’s off with your head!

Oh, I’ve been influenced by an angry broad, some queen whose color is red?

Do any of these characters ring a bell? Or am I truly losing my mind?

WAIT! I don’t even like tea! Well, I like iced tea, not the fancy milk and sugar kind.

Have you ever seen a caterpillar blow smoke rings? What about a cat which can materialize on cue?

If the answer is no and your world is so black and white, maybe the crazy one is you.

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