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I feel like I’m repeating myself.

The title of this post refers to an opinion column I wrote around this time last year… 

I included slightly less sarcasm this time, but the message remains the same.



Just the other day I was browsing the Halloween aisles at Walmart, happily rummaging through costumes, decorations and candy. I was enjoying my time searching for tricks and treats, preparing for the coming holiday. Fall is in the air and All Hallows’ Eve is quickly approaching. It is October, after all.

Why then, as I turned the corner, did I find mountains of winter décor and Christmas paraphernalia?

My cheerful mood was immediately shattered. As I need not remind anyone, it’s October. We have not only one major holiday before Christmas, but two. Did we forget about Thanksgiving?

I realize I must sound jaded. The truth is; I enjoy Christmas as much as anyone else. I love the spirit of giving and warmth associated with Christmas, the time spent with family, and all the sights and sounds and smells that make the season joyful. I am troubled however, by the fact that Christmas comes so early these days. For a holiday that only comes once a year, I fear it imposes upon so many of the other months, thus overstaying its welcome.

Christmas is special, but only if we revere it as such. The retail industry shoves Christmas down our throats rather than presenting it in a way which makes us excited for its arrival.

Did I mention it’s October? I think I did, but I feel as if some people are missing the point.

I love Christmas, but I’m going to curb my enthusiasm until December. Trick-or-treat.


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