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My feelings are valid and so are yours: Thoughts on the 2016 election

Like many other Americans, I’m angry and fearful following the election of Donald Trump as the leader of our country.

Now, before you slap a label on me and consider me a democrat, leftist, liberal, or even “libtard”, please know that I currently do not identify with either of the two major parties in this broken system of ours. Quite frankly, I would be discouraged and wary had Hillary Clinton won the election too.

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton has a less than reputable history as a politician and as a person. She has done terrible things and continues to make questionable statements and political decisions. If you’re reading this, let it be known: I am acknowledging that Hillary Clinton was not a sound choice for the presidency. I am acknowledging that she may very well be a criminal.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has exhibited blatant hatred and fostered spite and violence (don’t even pretend he hasn’t advocated violence in the face of opposition) even before his campaign.

Now that we are all on the same page about who these people are…

I am angry and fearful. I have never in my 25 years of life witnessed such bitterness and hatred.

  • I am angry that we as Americans allowed our country and its politics to become a reality show.
  • I am fearful that so many people I know (and myself) will be further ostracized or put in danger because of who we are.
  • I am angry that so many people are using this election as an excuse to be destructive, racist, xenophobic and sexist (I’m talking about both sides here).
  • I am fearful that we have taken a giant step backward in the world of civil rights.

Perhaps some of my fear is unfounded or I will be pleasantly surprised at some point. Maybe being a white, pansexual female with an aversion to political party affiliation won’t lead to physical harm or verbal abuse. We’ll see.


I don’t care upon which side of the aisle you dwell. I don’t even want to know for whom you voted or if you voted at all. I am a very objective person and when I finally decide to express my concerns about one candidate, I don’t want to hear how the other candidate is so much worse. I refuse to play a game of “who’s the lesser evil?”. I am not interested in your attempts at justifying hate. Don’t bother.

If you’re passionate, be passionate! Disagree! Agree! Ask questions! But do NOT attempt to diminish the validity of another person’s feelings. Do NOT tell someone their emotions are wrong.

I am angry and I am fearful but I am also hopeful.

  • I am hopeful our system of checks and balances will serve its purpose.
  • I am hopeful President Trump will do his job diplomatically and respect the privilege he has been afforded.
  • I am hopeful there is more good than bad in this world and this country.
  • I am hopeful that, if you’re reading this, you’re a little bit hopeful too.



What do you want?

Hello, Internet!

I recently started a new blog series on Sh*t My Cat Does. Honestly, it’s rekindled my love for blogging. I’m planning to keep up this new series, but you know, this blog is called Misfit Musing: A blog about everything in general and nothing in particular.  I’m thinking it’s time for more meat in this creative sandwich.

In the past, I have had a series on food, an odd news segment, several articles on depression and mental health, poetry and other oddball topics.

What do YOU want to read about?

I’m a researcher at heart so I’m not afraid to dig into a subject! I love multimedia blogging so I’ll be happy to include videos, links to all kinds of  interesting content, and of course, photos.

Please leave a comment and feel free to follow this blog to see where it goes!


I feel like I’m repeating myself.

The title of this post refers to an opinion column I wrote around this time last year… 

I included slightly less sarcasm this time, but the message remains the same.



Just the other day I was browsing the Halloween aisles at Walmart, happily rummaging through costumes, decorations and candy. I was enjoying my time searching for tricks and treats, preparing for the coming holiday. Fall is in the air and All Hallows’ Eve is quickly approaching. It is October, after all.

Why then, as I turned the corner, did I find mountains of winter décor and Christmas paraphernalia?

My cheerful mood was immediately shattered. As I need not remind anyone, it’s October. We have not only one major holiday before Christmas, but two. Did we forget about Thanksgiving?

I realize I must sound jaded. The truth is; I enjoy Christmas as much as anyone else. I love the spirit of giving and warmth associated with Christmas, the time spent with family, and all the sights and sounds and smells that make the season joyful. I am troubled however, by the fact that Christmas comes so early these days. For a holiday that only comes once a year, I fear it imposes upon so many of the other months, thus overstaying its welcome.

Christmas is special, but only if we revere it as such. The retail industry shoves Christmas down our throats rather than presenting it in a way which makes us excited for its arrival.

Did I mention it’s October? I think I did, but I feel as if some people are missing the point.

I love Christmas, but I’m going to curb my enthusiasm until December. Trick-or-treat.


I have an opinion!

There are few things that really prompt complaint from me. I try to look at everything with an open mind, and I try not to pass too much judgement beyond what my own simple humanity warrants.

BUT… People who ignore the rules, especially in the case of pure laziness, really get on my nerves.

Have you ever accidentally found yourself driving the wrong way down a one-way street? I have. In fact, a GPS system sent me on my (wrong) merry way down a one-way street.

But here’s the key word in all this: Accident.

Here’s my issue.

On my college campus here at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, there happens to be a short one-way path between the wellness center and the practice space. Of course, it’s one-way for a reason. It’s narrow, and has a specific guiding purpose. Also, unless you’re blind as a bat, it’s probably not even possible to miss the signs.

I’ve seen countless people travel the wrong way down said path. Because it’s the easiest way to get from point A to point B (there’s no other direct link between these two sections of campus), I assume it’s out of laziness.

That’s bad enough, right?

But more than anyone else, it seems to be Northwestern employees (namely the maintenance department) that commits this act.

“Commits this act.” I know. It sounds like I want them to go to jail or something. That’s not the case.

The fact of the matter is that there are rules in place for a reason. Someone could potentially get hurt when people disobey such simple rules.

And honestly, that doesn’t make the maintenance department look very responsible, now does it?

What a shame. I have a lot of pride in my university, but there are those groups and individuals that push my buttons, in a manner of speaking. The lazy people, rude people and irresponsible people on campus… They all just disappoint me.

It’s not like it takes more than a couple minutes to reach the other side of campus on a different route.

But wait… There’s more!

These same employees that demonstrate this lack of responsible behavior on a one-way street also demonstrate a lack of responsible behavior elsewhere on campus.

They drive a company vehicle across campus to reach jobs and projects, parking in the grass or wherever they see fit.

That’s fine. But SLOWWWWW DOWN. I shouldn’t have to be on constant alert in fear that I’ll be run over by a pickup truck on the sidewalk. This is a college campus. There are a lot of individuals walking to and from classes and buildings.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel safe on my campus. And I want to know that each department at my university is maintained by responsible individuals that care about the people they serve.

After all, that’s what we students pay for, right?


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