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Hello, Internet!

I recently started a new blog series on Sh*t My Cat Does. Honestly, it’s rekindled my love for blogging. I’m planning to keep up this new series, but you know, this blog is called Misfit Musing: A blog about everything in general and nothing in particular.  I’m thinking it’s time for more meat in this creative sandwich.

In the past, I have had a series on food, an odd news segment, several articles on depression and mental health, poetry and other oddball topics.

What do YOU want to read about?

I’m a researcher at heart so I’m not afraid to dig into a subject! I love multimedia blogging so I’ll be happy to include videos, links to all kinds of  interesting content, and of course, photos.

Please leave a comment and feel free to follow this blog to see where it goes!


Sh*t My Cat Does: Carbs and Quirks

If you haven’t heard yet, I have a cat. Her name is Fraulein. Check out my first post if you didn’t get the memo. If you’ve read that already, then you aware that my cat is weird.

One of the weirdest traits we’ve discovered thus far is her love for bread. Yep, bread.

One day, we came home from work to find an empty hot dog bun bag beneath the computer desk, and only a few feet away, the two hot dog buns that had been inside said bag, having been nibbled on by a certain feline.

I know what you’re thinking. But Ky, it’s food. It’s normal for a mischievous young kitty to sneak a snack now and then.

Right. But these hot dog buns had originally been on the kitchen counter, accompanied by several other more logical, easily accessible food choices. That counter top was shared with tasty watermelon taffy, chips, and even cat treats. She chose the hot dog buns, and carried them out of the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living room to… like an a**hole cat… take a few bites from her spoils and move on.

The funny thing is… a few days ago, we found her attempting to enjoy another doughy treat: Leftover cheesy garlic bread. Again, she had taken the sandwich bag filled with carbs from the kitchen counter and brought it into the living room (that’s where the humans usually eat) and was trying to tear into her chosen treat.


I know the photo isn’t great… But she was in nom mode. My point is… Fraulein likes bread. A lot. But wait! Not just bread! I think she might have a thing for carbs in general. I guess she takes after her humans. *wipes away a proud tear* Husband recently woke up to potatoes scattered across the kitchen floor. We’ll have to be more careful about where we store the good stuff.

In other news, we finally bought Fraulein a leash and harness! I thought she would love to go outside since she’s always trying to sneak out when we open the door. But dear Fraulein kinda forgot how to cat when I finally coaxed her outdoors.




Fraulein is confused and not amused.

She roamed the flower beds, eating grass and being generally clueless before eventually making me do the stereotypical drag-the-cat routine. She wasn’t really having it. We’ll have to keep trying on that one.

Fraulein has revealed many quirks so far. She loves bread, prefers to have her reach and/or path obstructed when playing, and enjoys lying on the bathroom floor between the toilet and the tub. I’m sure I’ll have more soon to report on the sh*t my cat does.

I’m a Small Town Girl

The arboretum, aquarium, and zoo aren’t the only places we visited on our vacation.

My fiance, Brad

My fiance, Brad

For our first evening in Dallas, we had a great dinner at TGI Friday’s. Neither of us had ever eaten at one of the chain’s many restaurants, so we thought we’d give it a try. The appetizers were delicious and the entrées were fantastic.

Where we live, there aren’t quite so many dining options. In my hometown, there sits one tiny café. Where I live now, there are certainly more choices, but nothing like what can be found in the big city.

After filling up on chicken strips, fries, a Jack Daniel’s burger and plenty of soda, we headed across the street to Ellen’s Southern Kitchen. We had a few drinks made by a very cool bartender, and finally, the night could begin. We had planned a ghost tour of the West End Historic District in Dallas, and our guide had arrived. We were the only tourists on that night’s rounds, so the tour was very relaxed and we were able to discuss the history of Dallas and the spooky stories in greater detail. We learned about the city’s beginnings and notable people. We walked the streets and visited buildings known to be inhabited by the paranormal.

We took photos, trying to capture the rare manifestation of a spirit, but we had no luck. It was fun, though! At least we were able to get a few photos of the city lights.

IMG_4900 IMG_4861

I was prepared for another history lesson on our trip, because before we hit the aquarium, we made our way to the Dallas Holocaust Museum.


We picked a great (but busy) day to visit the museum, because we were able to sit in on a presentation by a true Holocaust survivor. A large group of high school students was visiting the museum and were scheduled to hear a presentation by Max Glauben, and the museum staff was nice enough to allow us to sit in as well. Mr. Glauben’s story was moving and sad, but also inspirational.

In addition to hearing the speaker, we were able to view a private collection of Anne Frank’s family photos. Most people are familiar with Anne’s story, but it was a privilege to learn about the family’s life outside the Holocaust. It’s a sobering reminder that people are people, no matter what they believe or how they look.

The museum provides the opportunity for a self-guided tour, using handheld remotes with speakers that you can hold to your ear and hear information corresponding to the exhibits you view. All the exhibits at the Dallas Holocaust Museum are very powerful and emotionally taxing.

One case holds dozens of eyeglasses. It seems trivial, but these items were confiscated from Jews as they were being loaded into train cars like cattle to be directed to hard labor and death. Other cases hold bone fragments, gold teeth, and human ashes. Some exhibits include photos, letters, or articles of clothing. The museum was an amazing place to visit, and I’d gladly go again if given the chance.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any photos. Regardless, it was a must-see for me, but I didn’t want the whole trip to be sad.

We went out for some fun one evening, with a visit to TopGolf, an expansive recreational area with amazing games and awesome scenery. We didn’t get to try all the attractions, but we stayed plenty busy playing a very inexpensive round of mini golf on three separate 18-hole courses.


Waterfalls, tunnels, hills and rivers can be found on this playing field, making it a fantastic place to relax and enjoy some time together.

Where I live, the entertainment options available mainly consist of bowling, a 3-screen movie theater, a few bars, and Walmart. Mini golf was a blast! We played at night, the course was lit and we had the place mostly to ourselves.

After all that excitement, it was hard not to work up an appetite. We tried Jack in the Box for the first time, another restaurant that just isn’t an option in our little corner of Northwest Oklahoma, and then grabbed some ice cream from the nearby convenience store.

TGI Friday’s and Jack in the Box were good, but we also had the chance to try Five Guys Burgers and Fries at Galleria Dallas.

We had heard of the restaurant’s sterling reputation, so we decided it was time to give it a taste. It was delicious! IMG_1244 IMG_4678

We didn’t go to Galleria Dallas just for the food, though.


We roamed around the 4-level mall, checking out stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Hot Topic. The prices at Saks are laughable. I wouldn’t buy anything from there if I did live in the city!

Before we headed home from our vacation, we had one more item on our list. Galleria Dallas is built around a large ice skating rink. Neither of us had ever been ice skating before, so we knew we had to lace up while we had the chance.  It certainly wasn’t easy the first time, and the skates were hurting my feet, but I can proudly say I didn’t fall. My fiancé did.


We skated for an hour or so and decided it was time to hit the road.

We stopped to eat at an IHOP, a familiar restaurant (but it’s not available where I live), filled up and headed home.

I really enjoyed my trip to the big city, with great food, interesting people and so much to see and do, but I definitely don’t belong there. It was nice to get back to the quieter, more slow-paced town of Alva.

After all, I’m a small town girl.

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