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Sh*t My Cat Does: Meet Fraulein

This is Fraulein. Husband and I adopted her on Sunday, August 21, 2016. 14054107_1416618135021813_23307425283901255_n

I’ve never had an indoor cat before now, so this is a new adventure for me. Husband and I recently purchased our first home and moved out of the no-pets-allowed apartments where we lived for around six years, so we knew it was high time we shoved some affection onto a four-legged creature.

During a day trip to a nearby city for a bit of shopping and grubbing, we decided to take a gander at the adoptable fur babies from various rescue groups at PetSense. We saw only cats. Some paid us no mind (most of them; they’re cats and cats are generally a**holes) but one in particular in a small enclosure on the far right immediately reached a paw out to us, curious and playful. She pawed at my crossover purse, rubbed against the cage door and reveled in the attention we both were giving her.

“I want her!” I said to the husband, practically with hearts in my eyes.

“I do too.” Husband said, making me squeal with joy. You see… Husband is picky about animals. I’m the fanatic here.

We picked out the essentials (again, I’m new at this) and a few toys and I excitedly filled out the necessary paperwork to take Fraulein home. Later that day, we came to pick her up. The store clerk placed Fraulein in an annoyingly small cardboard carrier and we were on our way. Husband told me I couldn’t allow her out of the box at any point during our hour-long trip home…but… Come on! It was a tiny prison of cardboard and the poor thing was meowing in AGONY! OK… Maybe not agony… But she obviously did NOT like her accommodations. Just a little peek… I opened the flaps and she poked her head out…

OK, yes. She ended up in my lap. So sue me. I held her for almost the entirety of the trip (except for when she slipped down under the pedals while husband was driving… Oops) and she did just fine.

When I set her gently on the floor in the house, she immediately found any nook and/or cranny she could in which to hide and feel safe. She continued to prefer nooks and crannies for the next few days, and it took her more than a week to even show a desire to be on the furniture (weirdo).

Fraulein is finally starting to become more affectionate and comfortable with her surroundings, but she’s still strange. I don’t think she’ll ever lose that particular trait. After all, her humans are rather odd too…

So, stay tuned for the tales I tell about the sh*t my cat does. I’m already thoroughly entertained.



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