The Student Center Dining Services Part II

Last semester (November 2012) I completed a multimedia project based on observation and investigative reporting on the conditions of Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s student center dining services.

You can find the first project here or on RangerPulse.

Once I completed that project, I had no desire to dine in the student center any longer. In fact, I rarely entered the building after that. My personal health standards weren’t really being met.

This semester, I have actually heard some positive comments about changes that have been made regarding cleanliness and efficiency following my project. That’s great news to someone like me looking to make a difference!

Katy Hart, a Northwestern sophomore and fellow mass communication major, came to me earlier this semester and mentioned that she had seen some improvements.

I decided for my final media convergence project, I should follow up on my previous investigation and see just what has changed.

The video below is my interview with Katy Hart about her observations.

Personally, I still have no real desire to dine in the student center since I have other options. Because I do not live on campus, I’m not required to have a meal plan.

Last time around, I bought lunch from the student center for five consecutive days and documented my observations. This time, I ate there once and talked to two of my friends who dine there frequently.

Sarah Sauceda and Danna Bickford are both mass communication students, and they choose to dine in the student center nearly every weekday. Sarah lives in the dorms and has a meal plan, while Danna lives off campus and chooses to pay for her meals with cash.

The three of us discussed changes they were witnessing and made comparisons between the conditions of the student center last semester and this semester.

“I can see them making an effort,” Sarah said.

Last semester, one of the most pressing issues involved the tables. Trash could be found covering most tables at any given time, and it seemed as if they were only sanitized once per day. This time around, my friends had better things to say.

“”They actually wipe off the tables,” Danna said.

I didn’t spend as much time personally observing the conditions of the student center this time, but I did do some research and I tried to make a few appearances to document some occurrences.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s obvious that there are still problems that need solutions. However, I’ll take little progress over no progress any day.

The bottom line:

The student center dining services at Northwestern are improving.

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  1. Awesome follow up! You are so amazing!


  2. I think that you and your friends did a great job documenting and I agree with most of your observations. Trash containers should be emptied and tables sanitized. However, empty food containers, napkins, drink cups, etc. are the responsibility of the consumer/purchaser to dispose of properly, not the food prep staff.
    When I was in high school a billion years ago, the phrase we learned from our cafeteria staff was “I’m ain’t your maid, and your mama don’t work here.”
    I hope that you, or a classmate, continues to document conditions, etc. Lots of people complain but it is the ones that follow-up that create change.


    • Thank you for your comment! I completely agree that the consumers/purchasers should be responsible for disposing of their trash properly. In fact, in the first part of this project, that was a major concern I was trying to address. It becomes an even greater problem however, when the refuse is lying about for hours on end. Until recently, trash bins were not being emptied frequently enough to accommodate for the amount of garbage being thrown away. It would overflow onto the floor and stay that way until the area was closed for the day. Everyone shares some responsibility here. I’m highly disappointed in my fellow college students. However, business is business and there are always ways to make operations better and more efficient. I’ve gathered plenty of evidence that if conditions were to improve, more students would purchase meals there. I just hope my work can be a driving force for improvement, on ALL sides. Thanks again for your comment!


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