It’s How We Cope

If you have ever had a traumatic experience, lost a loved one or witnessed some kind of atrocity, you know it’s not easy to let pain go.

Every day there are awful events that take place. History books are filled with stories of bloodshed and accounts of injustice.

These experiences have the ability to resonate with us, striking a nerve even years later.

When someone makes a joke about death or violence, we often cringe and get offended. But I think everyone should consider the idea that perhaps, as vulnerable human beings, we use humor to heal ourselves.

We only have so many defense mechanisms to offset the emotional stress caused by painful experiences. We can cry, we can go to therapy, we can get angry, become reclusive, resort to drugs or alcohol, or just try to block it out completely.

Have you ever heard the expression, “laughter is the best medicine?”

In some ways, I think that’s true.

It’s how we cope. The situation may be far from funny, but it’s reality and the only way to counteract the negativity is to laugh at it.

I’m not saying you should never be offended by a tasteless joke. Once again, we’re only human. You can’t help how you feel. However, you can choose the attitude with which you approach a situation.


The Boston Marathon Bombings were a terrible tragedy. And someday (if there aren’t any already), there will be jokes.

Slavery was a shameful part of history, but it happened. And now, there are jokes.


The opposite of pain is pleasure, so it only seems natural that we would desire to reverse our sadness, to see the lighter side.

We have to laugh at our mistakes, laugh at the absurdity of our ways, of the world, and move forward.

The world doesn’t stop turning when someone dies, when people suffer or face injustice…

Life goes on.

Just remember; if someone is laughing or joking about adversity, they may just be trying to heal.



About Ky

I'm Kylea. Or Ky. Or Foxy. Or Hey, You. Or whatever you decide to call me. I'm passionate, creative and weird. I have depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. I love journalism, the paranormal, makeup, animals, crafts and lots of nerdy and not-so-nerdy things. I'm never bored.

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  1. Well said!


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