Misfit News 3-28-13

I’m back! You know what that means…

Yes, Spring Break is over.

Also, it’s time for more Misfit News!

Prosecutor drops charges against groundhog

Well, we’re off to a good start.

Punxsutawney Phil predicts the Weather on Groundhog Day

Who the heck files charges against a groundhog in the first place?

An Ohio prosecutor said he is dropping charges against Punxsutawney Phil after the groundhog’s handler took responsibility for spring’s late start.

Michael Gmoser, Butler County prosecutor, filed court documents announcing he was dropping the fraud charges against the Pennsylvania groundhog as the animal “has a defense with teeth in it — his handler stepped up to the burrow to take full responsibility for misinterpreting said defendant’s prediction of an early spring.”

“In these serious times, I hope this case brought a light-hearted moment to all concerned with a warm welcome to spring ahead,” Gmoser wrote in the memorandum in support of his dismissal of the charge.

Is… Is this a real thing?

Judge for yourself. See the website here.


How about a science story?

Researchers find unidentified signs of life in the bottom of an Antarctic lake

Eureka! New life has been found! According to this story from abc 7 News in Chicago, some cool stuff is going on where it’s cold.


An “unclassified” life form has been found in a recent sample taken from the bottom of an Antarctic lake.

The bacteria were found in an ice core taken from the bottom of Lake Vostok, which is covered by an ice sheet more than two miles thick.

Researchers tested the sample, saying that its DNA is different enough from existing records to count as its own species.

According to the Russian news site RIA Novosti, Sergei Bulat, a researcher at the St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, said:

“After excluding all known contaminants…we discovered bacterial DNA that does not match any known species listed in global databanks. We call it unidentified and ‘unclassified’ life.”

Full details of the discovery are still vague, though scientists are excited to have found signs of life in one of the coldest places on Earth. A U.S.-funded team has also drilled into a separate ice sheet in Antarctica, and says that they have encountered bacteria as well.

The sample may have been isolated as early as 17 million years ago, and this could be the first time the water has seen sunlight in millennia.

It’s amazing to think about how diverse this planet really is.

Okay… One more!

If you’re looking for a new scent, from the same website comes this interesting tidbit.

Zoils Oils: Scents of 18th Street in Pilsen — like tamales


From the folks at Zoils Oils comes a new line of perfumes designed to capture the essence of the Pilsen neighborhood.

It’s the work of Zorayda Ortiz, a research specialist at Rush University Medical Center. Five years ago, she started using her lab skills to create new and different scents.

She started with a line of scents based on Day of the Dead, but now her new scent line makes reference to Pilsen’s busy 18th Street, and one of the flavors is called “Tamale.”

Ortiz says her oils are for sale along 18th Street at Round Two Resale, Pilsen Vintage and Thrift, Wheel of Time bike shop, Smarty Pants boutique, the National Mexican Fine Arts Museum gift shop and various galleries and street fairs. She says the best way to get the perfume is to contact her directly.

If you’re interested in a perfume, Ortiz can be reached at lovezoils@gmail.com or (773) 759-1791. She says the perfume orders can be picked up from the Pilsen Vintage and Thrift, located at 1430 W. 18th St. in Chicago.

And there you have it. Add that “Tamale” cologne to your Christmas wish list!

That’s all, folks! Until next time.

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