Misfit News 2-7-13

Odd news never goes away. That’s why I’m excited to bring you week 2 of this Misfit News section!

Since it’s spirit week at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, I thought this first story would be very timely (and scary) to share.

Here’s the headline from Yahoo! News:

Two California students lose fingers in tug-of-war


The story by Reuters reporter Dan Whitcomb was posted on Tuesday. The two students involved in the accident were from a Los Angeles-area high school at which spirit week activities were taking place, namely a group tug-of-war contest on that day.

Here’s the rest of the story:

A boy and a girl from South El Monte High School were rushed to a local trauma center on Monday afternoon after their fingers were cut off during the tug-of-war at lunchtime, fire and school district officials said.

The students have undergone surgery to reattach the severed digits, El Monte Union High School District Superintendent Nick Salerno said.

“I’m a dad too, and my heart goes out to these kids and their families. To me the whole thing is unbelievable,” Salerno told Reuters. “I’ve been in tug-of-wars myself, more than I can even count, and I’ve never heard anything like this.”

Salerno said the two teens, who have not been identified by authorities, were both student athletes participating in annual activities designed to boost school spirit and participation.

“The activity that day was tug-of-war. Unfortunately the rope broke and both students had some fingers severed,” he said, adding that he had no further details on how the injuries occurred.

A spokesman for Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center said both students were listed in stable condition. He declined to elaborate on their condition or the outcome of the surgery.

Salerno said the school district had provided counseling for students at South El Monte High School, which serves about 1,500 students in El Monte, a city of about 115,000 people in the San Gabriel Valley north of Los Angeles.

(Reporting by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Steve Orlofsky, Cynthia Johnston and Leslie Adler)

Yikes. This isn’t a humorous story by any means, but it is odd. No one expects to enter into a friendly competition and lose appendages.

This next story is definitely an interesting one. First, I’ll ask you, what’s the best way to generate interest in your local library? You offer pole dancing lessons, of course!

Here’s the headline:

Library offers pole dancing class


It certainly caught my attention. This story on UPI.com posted Wednesday explains a  Scottish library’s efforts to encourage more visitors.

DALKEITH, Scotland, Feb. 6 (UPI) — A Scottish library used pole dancing classes as part of a daylong event designed to drum up interest in the facility.

The Mayfield Library in Dalkeith hosted a pole dancing class Saturday with teacher Nikki Clark as part of Love Your Library Day, which also featured table tennis with books instead of paddles, head massages and Scottish country dancing, STV reported Wednesday.

“Love Your Library Day is a marvelous opportunity for us all to celebrate the hugely important role libraries play in the heart of our local community,” said Bob Constable of Midlothian Council. “The pole fitness session is a fun and interesting way of encouraging more people into our libraries, trying out all the services on offer and ultimately borrowing more books.”

Well, I guess if it caught my attention, it probably caught the attention of several others, too. Hm.

There’s plenty more misfit news where that came from… Come back next week for more. Hit the “follow” button for updates when I post!

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