We are Human

You know, I usually try to keep my mind open and my mouth shut when it comes to important issues. However, perhaps silence isn’t always a friend. If I voice my feelings, maybe I will at least have the satisfaction of knowing I can stand up for something I believe in.

December 14, 2012: Twenty-six people (20 children and six adults) were shot and killed by a single assailant in Newtown, Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Others were wounded. According to police, the shooter took his own life with one of the weapons he was carrying.

In light of this tragic event, gun-slinging extremists are upset because opponents of firearms want to get rid of guns and/or make laws stricter, therefore supposedly taking away some rights of said gun-slinging extremists and ridding the country of violence.


This is what we as a country are concerned about?

Fine. If this is up for discussion, then allow me to weigh in.

If someone is mentally unstable, angry, intending to harm others, vengeful, spiteful or has the desire to cause pain, that someone will find a way, with or without guns.

What is being accomplished by arguing about gun control, causing more anger and prompting threats and anger?

First of all, the very notion that imposing more/stricter laws against guns will prevent criminals from breaking the law or harming others just boggles my mind.

Secondly, how sad it is that instead of grieving and honoring the memories of those whose lives were stolen from them, we’re arguing and quarreling and causing so much more pain and fear.

Take a step back, everyone. Think before you speak, think of others before yourself, and have some humility.

To those who fear your rights may be infringed upon by the implementation of tighter weapon laws, I offer a few words to consider. What happened to the rights of the children and adults so mercilessly slain that morning in Connecticut?

And to those who believe taking guns away and imposing greater laws concerning weapons will create peace and eliminate violence, I offer these words to consider. Do you remember the Oklahoma City Bombing? The attackers used a truck filled with fertilizer-based explosives to murder 168 people and injure more than 680 people. Yes, you read that correctly. If someone wants to cause harm to others, that someone could do it with fertilizer or a shovel or a pen or just about anything.

I’m not looking for a debate. I am simply sending out a plea. Open your minds and your hearts. Reflect and persevere and understand that as long as we live, there will be chaos and there will be order, and that’s just the balance in the grand scheme of things.


UPDATE: This was originally posted about four years ago. Many more people have died.

I’m not against some better regulation on firearms and other weapons, but I do not have the answers regarding how that should be done. I believe mental health often plays a rather large role in gun [or other violent] crime, particularly in cases of mass murder, so I think psychology should be a major consideration in the subject of weapon rights, but who should get to make the call? I don’t have the solutions. I’m not sure anyone does. We are humans. We’re flawed creatures. My real message from four years ago remains relevant however; stop arguing. Stop the hate. Focus on what’s truly important. Hug someone. Apologize. Smile. Compliment someone. Focus your energy on love and positivity and stop feeding the flames of unrest. Think. Feel. Love.


As Christmas approaches, while I don’t necessarily consider myself religious, I extend wishes of joy and warmth to everyone this holiday season. Be thankful for what you have, look fondly upon what you had, and know you are fortunate to have a future. Give, reminisce and remind all those you care about how much they mean to you.

Think, feel and love. We are human.

In loving memory of every life lost at the hands of hatred


think feel love

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  1. You said it all!


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