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Is Your Calendar Broken?

It’s October. Say it with me. Oc-to-ber.

And what comes before October? Sep-tem-ber.

In which month does Christmas occur? De-cem-ber.

So why is everyone acting as if Santa could be making his rounds at any second?

Early last month, the Walmart I shop at in Northwest Oklahoma began setting up holiday displays. There were and still are at least three or four aisles dedicated to Christmas. This compared to the one, maybe one and a half aisles for Halloween. And where on earth is all the Thanksgiving stuff?

I’m all for being prepared. I like to get an early start on things, especially holidays, so I can make sure everything goes just right.

However, with the way our society has evolved, it seems like maybe stores should just sell Christmas decorations all year long, play those awful and overdone versions of Christmas carols every single day, and give no one an excuse to be “unprepared” for the holidays.

In this case, there is such a thing as excess.

Instead of people valuing that time of year for the sharing, generosity, love and joy it’s supposed to inspire, it now seems to boil down to who has the most and best stuff.

Am I the only one that sees the absurdity in this?

Maybe I’m an old soul. I’m 21 but for some reason I still love giving meaningful and thoughtful gifts, sharing precious food with people I care about, being kind to others, and appreciating all the little things.

Christmas is a wonderful occasion for many reasons, but only when it’s not shoved down every throat in America all year long.

Christmas is only “that special time of year” when we treat it as such.

Ha… This sums up how I was feeling in September.

Here’s the thing…

I often have ideas for ramblings, rants, projects, and fun stuff I’d like to blog about. The problem is, there is no way I can make a separate blog for every little fleeting spark of imagination that finds its way into my brain. So, I decided to create a blog that will allow me to dump all my musings into it without being categorized and totally uniform.

School projects, angry opinions, happy hoopla, and everything that I can’t find a fit for elsewhere will (hopefully) make an appearance in this nifty little blog.

Feel free to submit your own misfit musings in the comments. Maybe we can have a healthy debate or a fun little chat!

Ready or not, here it comes…

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